About the Acute Care Program

This course is a practical and comprehensive introduction to first aid and acute care problems using classical homeopathy. It is based on the acclaimed Distance Learning Course designed by Todd Rowe, MD, CCH, DHt, who has successfully trained hundreds of students. This program is licensed through the Arizona State Board of Private Postsecondary Education and approved by the American Institute of Homeopathy. The program is available on campus, in synchronous online formats and asynchronous distance learning formats.



The Acute Care Program has more than 5 faculty members teaching in the program. The Program Director is Debbie Noah.
Acute Care Program On-campus and Synchronously Online

This course is a practical and comprehensive introduction to first aid and acute care problems using classical homeopathy. The course is a 40-hour introductory class in homeopathic medicine which covers treatment of such acute problems as colds and flu, sore throats, childhood ailments, etc.


There are no prerequisites to this course. Professionals and non-professionals are welcome. Each class consists of lectures on Theory and Philosophy, Materia Medica, repertory work and case work addressing first aid and acute care. Reading assignments, homework and quizzes are also included.

This course by itself is an excellent experience for lay people wanting to competently use homeopathic remedies in their general health regime. It is also designed to be the foundation course for those wanting to continue their studies for practitioner status in our 3-year program. Course descriptions for the program can be found here.

Acute Care Course Now Starting in Tucson

Course Instructor: Cheri Newton

For more information please contact Cheri Newton at ojaihomeopath@yahoo.com

Intermediate Acute Care Program

For those who are interested in learning more once they complete the AMCH Acute Care Program, we have designed an inermediate level Acute Care Program. Contact us for more details.

Why Become an Acute Care Practitioner

  1. Treatment Success for Acute Conditions: You will be trained, as an acute care homeopathic practitioner, for successful treatment of patients in first aid and acute conditions.
  2. Foundational Training: Training for an acute care homeopathic practitioner comprises 40-100 hours of either campus-based or via distance learning education.
  3. Add Value to Your Practice: Training as an acute care homeopathic practitioner can be added to your existing practice or used as a stand-alone healing modality.
  4. Laying the Foundation for Future Growth as a Homeopathic Practitioner: Homeopathic acute care education lays a solid foundation for your future growth as a homeopathic practitioner.
  5. The Benefits of Homeopathic Medicine: As a homeopathic acute care practitioner you learn to use a system of healing that is gentle, natural, inexpensive, effective and curative of chronic disease.
  6. Eligibility for Acute Care Homeopathic Certification: Homeopathic acute care programs contribute to making the student eligible for acute care certification for medical and osteopathic physicians.
  7. Growing Demand: As a homeopathic acute care practitioner you will be meeting the growing demand for alternative options in healthcare.

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