Homeopathy for Allergy Relief

Homeopathy for Allergy Relief

Homeopathy Allergies

It is that time of year again where everyone’s allergies are acting up. If you are looking for allergy relief try Homeopathy! Below are some remedies that can help with different types of allergies. To ensure that you find the right remedy for you, consider booking an acute care consultation by calling 602-274-1885 or by clicking here.

Remedies for Allergies:

Allium cepa– for bland, watery tears with a sensitivity to light. Nose has profuse, clear acrid discharge that may aggravate the upper lip. Sneezing and a tickling cough. The person usually is thirsty, and feels worse in a warm room. The voice may be hoarse. Headache.

Apis mellifica– relieves nasal congestion with stinging pain, better with cold air.

Arsenicum album- the nose is watery, burning, and running. The nose feels stuffy, tickly. Swelling below the eyes. A wheezy cough are common. The person may feel chilly, restless, anxious, but tired.

Dulcamara- For constant sneezing. Nasal discharge is profuse. Tearing from the eyes, especially when weather from warm to cold. Nose completely stopped up in cold damp weather, causing a headache. Exposure to newly mown grass or hay.

EuphrasiaThe eyes are swollen and irritated with constant acrid tears and pus. Blinking and burning. The nose runs with bland discharge. Symptoms are worse in the day and from warmth. The eyes are painful and sensitive to the light. A daytime improves at night.

Ferrum phosphoricum This is most useful in the early stages of any inflammation. Take when symptoms start. Symptoms include runny, burning, gritty eyes. A flushed face. Runny nose. A hard, short, tickling cough.

Galphimia glauca- forspasmodic sneezing from hay fever.

Gelsemium- if there is a tired, droopy, heavy feeling. A feeling of dryness or of swollen membranes inside of the nose. Runny, irritating watery discharge, with frequent sneezing. Aching in the back of the head and neck.  Trembling feeling and chills along the spine.

Histaminum- relieves all symptoms from an allergic origin.

Kali Bichromicum- for thick, stringy, greenish-yellow mucus from nose and throat that is difficult to expel. Postnasal drip with hawking and a profuse, watery, irritating nasal discharge. Very dry nose with an aching fullness in nasal bones and the sinuses.

Kali iodatumrelieves burning nasal discharge, with a feeling of constriction at the base of the nose.

Natrum Muriaticum- forsneezing.  A runny nose alternating with a dryness and stinging feeling inside the nasal cavity. Nasal discharge is profuse, runny, and egg-whites like. Also stopped up and difficult to breathe. Stuffiness alternates with runny nose. There may be a loss of taste and smell. Hammering headache above the eyes. Eyelids are swollen. An itchiness in the inner corners of the eyes.

Nux vomicafor spasmodic sneezing in the early morning, upon awakening. Causes irritability.

Pulsatilla- forprofuse, thick, creamy, yellowish-green, bland nasal discharge/postnasal drip. Stuffy nose, worse warm room, indoors, lying down, better walking in open air. Frequent sneezing; sore nostrils, wings of nose raw. Red, itchy, swollen eyelids; profuse lachrymation. Weeps quite easily; sensitive; changeable moodiness; clingy neediness

Sabadilla- for violent fits of sneezing. Itching of soft palate. Itching, tickling in the nose with runny, irritating discharge. Sensitive to odors. A sensation there is a lump in the throat and watery eyes. There is a nervousness during an allergy attack. Concentration can bring on a headache or tiredness.

Wyethiafor intolerable itching on the roof of the mouth, behind the nose, and into the throat and ears. The head feels dry and irritated. The nose runny. Profuse, burning, acrid nasal discharge. Constant hawking, throat feels swollen, there is a desire to swallow.

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