Life After Graduation

Ever wonder what life is like for our graduates once they leave the nest? We are grateful to Lecia Cornett for sharing her story!

Lecia Cornett is a nurse and US Army Veteran who became interested in homeopathy because she wanted to find a better way to help people. After years of seeing patients given drug after drug with no real improvement in their health, it was time for a change. Lecia graduated from the AMCH Homeopathic Practitioner Program in February 2015, then, like many of us do, she said “Ok self, WHAT NOW??

As a new graduate, motivated and eager, Lecia wanted to immerse herself in homeopathy as much as possible. Lecia found the SHRI Free Clinic in Himachal Pradesh, India, headed by Spero Latchis, Dhom. During her three months at the base of the Himalayas, Lecia was able to study, observe and practice homeopathy daily, as well as work on the organic farm which Spero established out of a need for clean food in the community. There was never a shortage of patients and the diverse and uncommon symptom pictures of the people served by the clinic offered Lecia a deeper perspective and understanding of the medicine. Lecia’s most memorable experience was observing the healing process of a small boy with Spina Bifida. When he first came to the clinic at the age of 3, he was unable to walk and so fearful of strangers his mother was barely able to carry him through the door as he fought with every terrified fiber to hide from the doctors (if Baryta Carb comes to mind, you are correct!) Within 3 months the child was walking independently and marched himself straight into the office, climbed up on the stool, and carried on with the doctors like he owned the place!  His name is Shroya and he reminds us of the power of homeopathy.

Thank you, Lecia for sharing your experience. Let us never stop helping, healing, wandering, and leading in our
homeopathic community and in our world.