About Alumni

Alumni are a vital part of the AMCH community, providing a rich source of guidance and leadership for students. Alumni are involved in many college activities, including organizing and attending graduate-level seminars; organizing advanced study groups; mentoring current students; supervising student clinical cases; shadow supervision where students observe the alumni taking and analyzing cases; and providing general depth of perspective to students on their journey through their studies. We have almost one hundred alumni from seven Homeopathic Practitioner Program classes and several hundred of graduates of the Acute Care Program. Conferences and post-graduate study opportunities are regularly organized, many of which meet the Council for Homeopathic Certification Continuing Education Units. See the Calendar of Events and the Council for Homeopathic Certification requirements.

National Homeopathic Certification

AMCH Alumni have a 90% succcess rate in passing national homeoapthic certification examinations.

Malpractice Insurance for Alumni

AMCH graduates are eligible for homeopathic malpractice insurance if they become nationally certified through the Council on Homeopathic Certification. Contact the Dean of Student Services for information.

Continuing Medical Education Credits Now Available

AMCH partners with the Arizona Homeopathic and Integrative Medical Association to provide Category One Continuing Medical Education credits (CME’s) for AMCH Students who are MD’s or DO’s. This is a voluntary activity and only available for an additional fee. This applies to the following programs only:

  • Homeopathic Practitioner Program
  • AMCH Acute Care Program

In addition to the above programs, CME’s may be available for AMCH Postgraduate Seminars. Please contact the Seminar Director for information about whether an individual AMCH Postgraduate Seminar has available CME credits.

Annual Fundraising Conference

AMCH holds an annual fundraising conference and dinner in Phoenix, Arizona. Proceeds directly benefit AMCH programs. Featured speakers in recent years have included the following:

  • Karen Allen
  • Melisa Assilem
  • Jeff Baker ND, HANP
  • Miranda Castro RSHom, CCH
  • Bill Gray MD
  • Nancy Herrick PA
  • Roger Morrison MD
  • Todd Rowe MD, MD(H), CCH
  • Nandita Shah
  • Jeremy Sher RS Hom, MCH
  • Jonathan Shore MD, DHt
  • Judyth Reichenberg Ullman DHANP and
  • Robert Ullman DHANP

Recordings of some of these conferences are available for sale through AMCH.


A recent AMCH Practitioner Program graduation can be viewed here. Also, here is a link to a message from Dr. Rajan Sankaran in support of the graduates.