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Welcome to the AMCH Integrative Medicine Clinic.  This is a state of the art Integrative Medicine clinic that is both a teaching and research clinic.  The clinic offers reduced fee services to its patients.  Each physician offers clinical services for 1/2 day per month.  The Clinic Director is Dr. Edward Kondrot. 

What is Integrative Medicine

Integrative medicine has emerged as a potential solution to the American health care crisis. It provides care that is patient-centered, healing oriented, emphasizes the therapeutic relationship, and uses therapeutic approaches originating from conventional and alternative medicine. Initially driven by con- sumer demand, the attention integrative medicine places on understanding whole persons and assisting with lifestyle change is now being recognized as a strategy to address the epidemic of chronic diseases bankrupting our economy. 


Staff physicians in the AMCH Integrative Medicine Clinic are all licensed in the State of Arizona through the Arizona State Board of Homeopathic and Integrative Medicine.  They are also all members of the Arizona Homeopathic and Integrative Medicine Association, in addition to their national certifications. 

Dr. Ed KondrotEdward Kondrot MD, MD(H), CCH is the world’s only board certified ophthalmologist and a board certified homeopathic physician. He is author of 2 best selling books, host of the Healthy Vision radio show and sought after speaker ( Dr, Kondrot provides proven and  effective alternative and homeopathic treatments for eye conditions including macular degeneration, cataracts, and glaucoma. Dr. Edward Kondrot, MD, has been named President of the board of the Arizona Homeopathic & Integrative Medical Association (AHIMA), a 27-year-old state association for licensed homeopathic medical physicians in Arizona and in other states. 

Dr. Ruth LimDr. Ruth Tan Lim is a board certified practicing pediatrician in Mesa, Arizona since 1980. She practices integrative pediatrics. She graduated from the University of Singapore in 1968 and received the Master of Medicine Pediatrics in 1972. She immigrated to United States in 1975. She completed a residency at the Northshore University Hospital in Manhasset and in 1979 also a two year pediatric Hematology/Oncology fellowship at Babies Hospital, Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center, New York City, She is a strong supporter and life member of the Arizona Homeopathic Integrated Medical Association. In 1991 , she served in Operation Desert Storm, and in 2003, she retired from the Active Reserves, United States Military, Airforce, after serving 20 years 6 months. She has taught medical students from Midwestern and AT Still Medical Schools. Her practice offers a rotation to senior medical students from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine to experience integrated medicine. Since 1986, she teaches Holistic Health classes at Mesa Community College, in the community education department. She is a child advocate and in 1992, after returning from Operation Desert Storm founded the Children’s Benefit Foundation( CBF) to champion children. The mission of CBF Inc., is to enhance every child’s journey through life and to champion wellness and preventative care. She initiated Project Notch in 1992 to help children from families of the working poor.  

In addition to Pediatric cases, Dr. Lim sees the following types of adult cases: 

  • Allergies and Asthma
  • Children's Well Assessment  and illness treatment and mangement
  • Attention Deficit - learning problems, ADHD and Autism i
  • Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome
  • Dysbiosis and Digestive problems
  • Migraines 
  • Mood problems and disorders
  • Nutrition- and weigh management 
  • Woman's Health Issues

Dr. Gary Gordon:  Dr. Garry Gordon is an internationally recognized expert on chelation therapy, anti-aging and energy medicine therapies.  He is a consultant for various supplement companies, lectures extensively on oral chelation therapy and detoxification, and has co-authored several books including “Detox with Oral Chelation” and “The Omega 3 Miracle”.  

He received his Doctor of Osteopathy in 1958 from the Chicago College of Osteopathy in Illinois.  He received his honorary MD degree from the University of California Irvine in 1962 and completed his Radiology Residency from Mt. Zion in San Francisco, California in 1964.  For many years, he was the Medical Director of Mineral Lab in Hayward, California, a leading laboratory for trace mineral analysis worldwide.

Dr. Gordon was on the Board of Homeopathic Medical Examiners for Arizona and is Co-Founder of the American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM).  He is Founder/President of the International College of Advanced Longevity (ICALM) and Board Member of International Oxidative Medicine Association (IOMA).  He is also a member of the Scientific Advisory Committee for The National Foundation for Alternative Medicine.

Dr. Gordon hosts and participates with over 3000 healthcare professional members in a free “virtual” online school called FACT (Forum on Anti-aging and Complimentary Therapies).  FACT membership is FREE to join, and is an excellent resource that helps keep alternative physicians abreast of the developments seen daily in the rapidly changing field of Alternative Medicine.  More information on FACT can be found on the Gordon Research Institute web site at

“Today’s rapidly increasing levels of pollution has made continuous Zeolite or Oral Chelation-based Detoxification essential for anyone hoping to reach their maximum intended useful lifespan, while enjoying optimum health. The evidence is clear... we all need to ‘get the lead out’!” ~ Garry Gordon

Patient Centered Medicine

Patient centered care is integrated into all aspects of treatment at the American Medical College of Homeopathy Medical Center. Patients are treated on all levels of their being, including physical, emotional mental and spiritual dimensions. It is the presentation of the disease by the patient, rather than the disease itself (patient-centered medicine), which becomes the focus of treatment.


AMCH is fully HIPAA compliant. We make every effort to protect our patients' confidentiality.

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