Adonis Vernalis

Adonis vernalis

If you aren’t having success with Digitalis, Crataegus or Convallaria, consider Adonis as a cardiac remedy. Clarke reports it as a popular heart remedy in Russia. Experience has found it helpful for rapid and feeble action of the heart, edema, valvular disease and cardiac asthma. Boericke lists the dosage in tincture form. In 2003 Dr. Mohinder Singh Justhe conducted a proving of Adonis vernalis 30C according to the laws of homoeopathic proving adonis_vernalis.pdf . Belgium homeopath Luc Chaltin successfully used the 10x and 15x potency in his practice. The Medicinary at the AMCofH has Adonis available in the 10x, 15x and 30x potency. Consider adding it to your arsenal of cardiac remedies. -Marge Roberts