A legend for today



Long ago, when this place was not a desert,

Shamans and Medicine Beings met here,

brought to focus healing power

from starry realms.


The Garden flourished, releasing essences

to restore, to help the People remember

who they were - shadowed Angels

from crystal cities, and now

enveiled and lost, confused.


Many moons,

untold numbers of days went by.

There was Joy.

There was Peace.

There was Remembrance.


One day, a great cloud covered this place,

comets, and planets nearly colliding

with this Haven Garden.

All was overturned, changed

and the garden became a desert place.


Some Remnants of the Starry Crew survived,

saved and nurtured the secret teachings

and healings in spite of distractions

almost too mighty to describe.


Many made a pact as they lay languishing,

content to wait until another day.

They clasped hands, made gentle promises.


"We will return someday to this very place.

And we will build a Healing Place

in this desert.


We will know when, and come together to celebrate."


Rains came.

Winds howled and raged.

Oceans rose and sank.

Mountains changed to unfamiliar peaks and valleys…

And The Remnant carried the Greater Vision,


And when the time was exact,

Earth turned in balance again.

The Beings of Ancient Days returned to this place


on a day like this day.


Let us let the healing begin

in our desert garden where remembrance can flourish.

With a song in our hearts, we can sing,


Remember this day ...


Remember this day …


Remember this day . ..


- Priscilla White, November 7, 1998