Do You Suffer from a Broken Heart?

Do You Suffer from a Broken Heart?

Valentine’s Day might be the worst day of the year for the heartbroken. There are hearts, chocolate, and couples constantly in your face to remind you that you are no longer with the one you love. Homeopathy may be able to help ease some of your symptoms from the break-up.

Remedies for a Broken Heart:

Aconite for the first shock of hearing disappointing news. Good for fear, anger, anxiety, and restlessness.

Ignatia for the inconsolable. Helps people who are hysterically weeping.

Natrum Muriaticum for melancholy people. Good if you are silently grieving the loss of a relationship.

Staphysagria if you suppress your emotions to create an inner seething. Good for people with wounded pride.

Hyoscymus (Hyosymus Niger) if you are feeling jealous, spiteful, irritable, or suspicious. A sign Hyoscymus may be right for you is if you destroyed all reminders of your lover.
Aurum Metallicum if there is evidence of depression, risk of possible self-harm, or talks of suicide. If you are thinking of suicide please call 800-273-8255.

Causticum for very sensitive people with intense sympathy for the suffering of others.

Phosphoric Acid if you are feeling indifferent with disappointed love. Phosphoric Acid may help if you had a lack of a reaction to your break-up and want to withdraw from the world.

Types of Broken Hearts:


The heart of Pulsatilla feels that there is never enough love, hugs, kisses, attention, time together. The greatest fear is to be abandoned by the person you love. Weeping every day, with the desire to be held and, consoled, comforted, taken care of. Constantly needing attention and comfort, angry and jealousy may arise. Separation anxiety can become intense. Generally sweet and gentle at heart.


The heart of Natrum muriaticum yearns for the unobtainable love. Longing for a past true “love of your life”. Or living in the future dreaming of the perfect relationship. Crying alone in private silently ruminating over what happened. Comfort or consolation will only feel worse. Physically, there is a tendency toward headaches, eczema, acne, or cold sores. Play sentimental music on repeat to dwell in their loss. Surrounded by loved ones they still feel alone and isolated.


The heart of Ignatia is grieving. A sudden and extreme change. An emotional shock of losing a loved one. Hysterical with changeable moods. There are waves of anxiety with palpitations, and a feeling of a lump in your throat. Frequent sighing and may feel as though it’s difficult to catch your breath. There is no desire for consolation; preferring to cry alone.


The heart of Lachesis is jealous. There is an ability to lash out in anger verbally and physically. Talking is a must and it can be difficult for others to get a word in. Feelings of suspiciousness. Alternating between euphoria, giddiness, and feeling manic. Talking a mile-a-minute, feeling depressed and wanting to be left alone. Great for sibling rivalry.


The heart of Staphysagria has had its feelings of anger suppressed. There is indignation after being humiliated, cheated on, or physically or verbally abused and the desire to hide from it. You are generally gentle and kind, but with no outlet for your anger, there are occasional explosive outbursts. There may also be styes, itchy skin, and urinary tract infections. There is constant tiredness from trying to contain the emotional upheaval and afternoon naps make them feel worse.


The heart of Aurum muriaticum is in deep despair caused by the grief of disappointed love. Seeking prayer and meditation relieves pain. Alternating between liveliness and manic happiness; to deep dark depression and isolation and sudden and explosive rages of anger. The consideration for self-harm may surface. Please – seek help, You are not alone.

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