Welcome to AMCofH at PIHMA’s Homeopathic Clinic

Welcome to AMCofH at PIHMA’s Homeopathic Clinic! AMCofH at PIHMA has partnered with the PIHMA Clinic to offer acute and constitutional homeopathy consultations to help our patient’s emotional and physical health and wellbeing. Book your appointment today to begin your healing! Click here for a downloadable services menu.

Homeopathic Services

Private Professional Consultations

Private Professional Consultations are one-on-one consultations with you and a certified Homeopathic Practitioner.

Constitutional Care Consultation

Constitutional Care consultations are for chronic problems such as grief, PTSD, arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, infertility, asthma, eczema, and more. These conditions develop over a long period of time and are not easily resolved. Many of these conditions are caused by emotional or energetic imbalances.

Constitutional Care consultations will go in-depth about your health to find one remedy that will correct your imbalances. Appointments can last up to two hours, followed by research by your certified homeopathic practitioner. You will receive your personalized remedy within a few days of your appointment. Follow-up appointments are often necessary to adjust the remedy, or dosage.

Acute Care Consultation

Acute Care consultations are for new or recent problems, causing complaint. Complaints may include symptoms involving sprains, food poisoning, coughs, colds, indigestion, bruises, bites, burns, diarrhea, burns, teething, ear infections, and more.

Acute Care consultations will last about thirty minutes followed by research by your certified homeopathic practitioner. you will receive your personalized remedy within a few days of your appointment.

Homeopathy Mini Consultation

A Homeopathy Mini Consultation is for any follow-up questions after an Acute Care appointment.

Professional with a Student Consultations

If our patients are comfortable we offer Professional Consults that are either recorded or observed by students as part of their homeopathic education. We offer reduced pricing on consultations with students present due to the decrease in privacy. All appointments will have a certified Homeopathic Practitioner present.

Constitutional Care Consultation Recorded for Student Learning

A Constitutional Care consultation that is recorded for student learning is the exact same as a private professional Constitutional Care consultation (see above) except the consultation is recorded and played at a later time for our AMCofH at PIHMA students. This allows our students to understand how a Constitutional Care consultation works, the types of questions that are asked, and allows them to come up with their own diagnosis and see if the remedy matches what the certified Homeopath picked.

Constitutional Care Consultation Observed by Multiple Students

A Constitutional Care consultation the is observed by multiple students has multiple people in the room with the patient. A certified Homeopath and a few third-year students will conduct the consultation with the patient. This gives our advanced students the opportunity to conduct their own consultation and choose their own remedy for the patient. A certified Homeopath will always be present in the consult, but is there mainly as a guide for the students.


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