Partnering for a WELLthier Living WorldTM –Happy. Healthy. Abundant. Purpose-filled.

We are excited to announce our new collaborative partnership with KnoWEwell, P.B.C.

KnoWEwell is an award-winning, B Certified Pending, market-leading Regenerative Whole Health™ benefits and services corporation and 1% for the Planet member.

Search in KnoWEwell for AMCofH educated practitioners and for screened, verified and background checked Regenerative Whole Health providers and receive FREE KnoWEwell diverse and inclusive:

Individual Regenerative Whole Health and Well-Being Benefits

Be empowered with knowledge and inspired by healing success stories! Access vetted practitioners, expert-led and peer-reviewed multi-media content, and evidence-based resources, while making meaningful connections with like-minded members, and so much more.

Apply code AMCH ($60 value)

When you sign up and apply code AMCH, KnoWEwell will automatically upgrade your Explorer membership to a FREE Individual Basic Benefits Membership ($60 value).  After which you can choose to apply the value towards an upgrade to a KnoWEwell Individual Silver or Gold plan.

KnoWEwell was created to improve the health and well-being of humanity and the planet through

Regenerative Whole Health

Regenerative Whole Health (RWH) encompasses all of those global healing, health, medicine and well-being approaches, therapies and innovations addressing and engaging the whole unique person., the one online destination for today’s trusted Regenerative Whole Healthknowledge, resources, community and marketplace that bridges the knowledge gap and connects the dots between soil, food, lifestyle choices, planet and people health.

Your DNA is Your Ancestry, Not Your Destiny TM

Our DNA is important in influencing our health; however, our DNA does not mean inevitable genetic inheritance of disease. Genes encode our uniqueness, and our genes respond to the circumstances of our environment and to our own individual behaviors. At KnoWEwell, you have access to everything you need to make better informed lifestyle and health decisions for you and your familiy in collaboration with today’s trusted

Regenerative Whole Health Ecosystem

KnoWEwell is an ecosystem collaborating to inspire and empower individuals to prevent harm, address chronic diseases and achieve WELLthier Living – happy, healthy, abundant, purpose-filled living.

How KnoWEwell Will Help You