Acute Care and Self-Help Focused Short Courses

Online focused subject courses to provide resources and education to help you stay healthy, explore a subject, and look after your family. And a practical and comprehensive  40-hour introduction to first aid and acute care problems using classical homeopathy.

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Clinical 150 Homeopathy Program

PIHMA CPED is very excited to partner with Academy EPIC in offering this new course in Clinical Homeopathy. Excel at the Vital Skills you need to bolster your confidence, build results-driven protocols and increase clinic income.

Note: the 40-hour Acute Care Introduction to Homeopathy Course can transfer into the 150 hour program).

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Homeopathic Practitioner Program

Now enrolling for Spring 2021, the AMCofH at PIHMA CPED Practitioner Program is our three year program designed to teach to the deepest level of this historically rich field.

Note: the 40-hour Acute Care Introduction to Homeopathy course and the 150-hour clinical certificate course can transfer into the 3-year program)

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Clinical Services

The PIHMA Homeopathic Clinic is the teaching clinic for the American Medical College of Homeopathy at PIHMA’s Homeopathic Practitioner Program. Our Homeopathic Clinic has been providing high quality and compassionate care for over 15 years. Patients are cared for by a collaborative group of homeopaths including the Supervising Homeopathic Practitioner and 2nd and 3rd year Homeopathic Students. We seek to truly understand your experience on all levels of your being, including physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions.

TeleHealth sessions available with professional practitioners.

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