Homeopathic Remedies for Sunstroke

Homeopathic Remedies for Sunstroke

Arizona summers are extremely hot which can lead to heat and sunstroke. Make sure you drink plenty of water and take as many precautions as possible. The most important characteristic of sunstroke is the high body temperature which is caused by a disturbance in the heat-regulating mechanism. The person can no longer sweat, and this causes a rise in body temperature. If you do experience heat or sunstroke here are some Homeopathic remedies that can help.

GLONINUM: This is the most efficient remedy for heatstroke. It stimulates the heart and the vaso-motor centers in the medulla the quickest. The face is pale, the eyes fixed and the tongue is white. The pulse is full and the respiration is
labored. The is also cerebral vomiting with a sinking feeling in the pit of the stomach. One has an agonizing congestive headache with throbbing waves. There may be marked irritability wanting to explode. There temperature is high and there is often confusion or unconsciousness. There is a feeling of blood rushing up to the heart and head.

BELLADONNA: Similar symptoms as to Gloninum. But the symptoms come on suddenly and violently. Face is bright red. Eyes are glassy with dialed pupils. There is drowsiness, loss of consciousness, and whizzing in the ears. The chest
feels constricted. A throbbing headache, worse on the right side. A dry mouth with no thirst.

ACONITE: Feeling dizzy and faint with a headache after prolonged, direct sun exposure. A feeling that death is inevitable, a strong anxiety and restlessness. There is a paralyzing influence on the circulation. This is the best remedy when the cause is from lying with head exposed to the direct rays of sun.

BRYONIA: The desire to lie down and be alone. There is a sense of being “done in”. A terrible headache that gets worse with any motion. There is an extreme thirst for large amounts of cold water. Better from rest and quietness.

CAMPHOR: The response to heat is an intense chilliness with shivering. A feeling of faintness and dizziness. There may be muscle cramps in the arms, legs, and/or abdomen. A throbbing pain in the cerebellum that cease when he thinks if it. Pulsation in the brain like beats of hammer synchronous with the heart.

CARBO VEG: Collapse from excess heat, clamminess of the skin, and stomach complaints. There is a sensation of heaviness in the head with a throbbing pain in the middle of the forehead and may be felt around the eyes. There is a strong desire to be fanned and needs to feel moving air.

GELSEMIUM: Useful with cerebral congestion, delirium, headache, high temperature, a weak slow pulse, an inability to get sound sleep. The person is overwhelmed by being exhausted and puzzled by what has happened. They may experience vision changes and sore muscles. They is dizziness, drowsy, and dullness. A headache is felt at the back of the head. They are not thirsty.

LACHESIS: Best remedy for headaches from heat and sun exposure; the pain feels worse on the left side and over the left eye. Pain can move to the right side. Feels faint and dizzy. The hot weather causes great fatigue. They feel worse on waking. Changing positions make the head throb.

CUPRUM MET: Similar to Veratrum symptoms but a strong cramping is present. There may be jerking movement of the muscles.

NATRUM CARBONICUM: Chronic effects of sun stroke. A headache that returns in hot weather. Debility and exhaustion caused by the heat.

NATRUM MURIATICUM: Taken in a potency 6x tissue salt, this is excellent for sunstroke and other summer ailments.

VERATRUM ALBUM: Collapse and fainting. Pulse is weak and rapid. Extreme coldness in hands and feet, the face pale with profuse, clammy perspiration. There is fear, anxiousness, and they may wildly ‘rant and rave’.

Heat Cramps: Belladonna, Natrum mur, Colocynth, Cuprum met, China

Heat Exhaustion: Natrum carb, Selenium, Gelsemium, Lachesis

Sun Stroke (heat stroke): Glonoinum, Natrum carb, Belladonna, Lachesis.

We hope these homeopathic remedies for sunstroke will help you feel better in the heat! To order these remedies please click here. If you need an acute care consultation please call 602-274-1885 to schedule an appointment or click here.

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