Homeopathic Treatment of Acid Reflux

By Neepa Sevak

You have merely enjoyed an evening of festivity, savoring certain foods and drinks, when unexpectedly it strikes – Acid reflux, also known as Gastro-esophageal reflux or GERD. Acid reflux can be an excruciating illness and if left untreated it can outcome in damage to the esophagus and larynx (voice box) leading to crucial complications. When you gulp down food it passes down your throat and through your esophagus - a tube that transports food from your throat to your stomach. A muscle termed the lower esophageal sphincter dominates the opening between the esophagus and the stomach, and remains firmly closed except when you swallow food. When this muscle fails to close, the acid-containing contents of the stomach can travel back into the esophagus. This backward movement is called reflux which if persisted causes blisters in the lining of the esophagus, leading to pain and various other symptoms.

Causes of Acid Reflux

  • Hiatus Hernia (is a situation in which the stomach extends beyond the muscle wall that detaches the stomach from the chest making it easier for the acid to reflux up).

  • Excessive Smoking and alcohol.

  • Eating substantial meals at a time.

  • Lying down shortly after eating.

  • Laborious physical activity instantly after meals

  • Overweight

  • Pregnancy

  • Certain foods such as spicy, fried, chocolate, caffeine, onions, tomatoes, citrus and carbonated beverages.

  • Certain medications like sedatives and calcium channel blockers for high blood pressure

  • Stress

Symptoms of Acid Reflux

  • Heartburn – burning feeling in the chest.

  • Acid or food regurgitation.

  • Sour or bitter taste in the mouth.

  • Trouble swallowing.

  • Choking.

  • Vomiting blood and black colored stools.

  • Hoarseness or sore throat.

  • Chest pain.

  • Dry cough.

  • Asthma.

  • Bad breath.

  • Back pain.

Homeopathic Approach to Acid Reflux

Homoeopathy is very proficient in managing all the symptoms of Acid Reflux and furthermore plays a vital role in preventing relapse of the condition. Homoeopathic medicines are prescribed on the basis of physical, emotional, and genetic make up that individualizes a person. This constitutional approach framing mind and body works at the root-level. Homeopathic medicines will help decrease acidic build-up, rebalance pH by cleansing and restoring the digestive system, and strengthen the lower esophageal sphincter. Homeopathic treatment will make you feel like a new person by making you free of acid reflux, GERD. Homeopathic treatment is natural, safe, gentle and without side-effects. Another impressive thing about homeopathy is that people on multiple medications can safely take Homeopathic medicines. Homeopathic drugs are non-habit forming and have no addictive characteristics. Homeopathy has an exceptional proven safety record with the FDA with 200 years of clinical effectiveness.

Since homeopathy treats in totality, it leads to a permanent long-lasting cure, rather than a temporary suppression of symptoms, and you will be able to enjoy all kinds of food to the fullest. So, food lovers, you won't have to think anymore before eating.

Self Care Measures

  • Avoid food for at least 3 hours before bed time.

  • Avoid alcohol, smoking.

  • Eat small meals.

  • Do not bend over after eating.

  • Eat foods like papaya, pineapple, ginger, cabbage, yoghurt.

  • Drink a lot of fluids.

  • Wear loose fitting clothes.

  • Use extra pillows under your head.

  • Lose weight.

  • Reduce stress.

Hence, to end the pain and suffering of Acid Reflux, enjoy a perfect night’s sleep again and also eat anything you crave consider Homeopathy.