How can you protect your family with Homeopathy training?

How can you protect your family with Homeopathy training?

During these uncertain time, what can you do to help heal your family and community?

One answer to that question can be found in pursuing an education in Homeopathy.

Join us Tuesday, June 16
at 3 pm (AZ/PST) for an online Open House
to discuss two great online programs
designed and offered by
American Medical College of Homeopathy at PIHMA’s Center for Professional Education & Development (AMCH at PIHMA CPED)

Online Open House Featuring:

-Homeopathy Program Director, Whittni Grubaugh, CCH
-State of Arizona Homeopathic Board Member and AMCH Alumnus, Mario Fontes, CCH, DAc, L.Ac.
-AMCH Student, Suesan Johnson
-PIHMA President, Catherine Niemiec, JD, L.Ac.
Tuesday, June 16, at 3:00pm

AMCH at PIHMA CPED offers two great options that allow you to becoming better informed about a valuable healthcare resource:
  • The Introduction to Homeopathic Medicine is a 40-hour course providing a practical introduction to first aid and acute care problems using classical homeopathy. Find out more here.
  • The Clinical Homeopathy Training150-hour course is for anyone who wants to know how to implement classical Homeopathy for daily and acute-care use. Includes the 40-hour course above and more: The Fundamentals of homeopathy; Establishing the framework in the history, proving, pharmacology and Materia Medica understanding; 100 key Homeopathic Medicines, their symptoms, and their clinical use; and Comprehensive Acute Care remedies including those for First Aid needs. Find out more here. Great for a current healthcare provider to supplement one’s practice or interested student/family member seeking to become proficient in family self-help care.

To join us on Tuesday, June 16 to learn more or start your learning online.
For more information email or call PIHMA: 602-274-1885.