The vision of AMCH at PIHMA is to transform health through being an international homeopathic Center of Excellence in Education, Research and Clinical Care.


  • To sustain and grow a viable and internationally known institution of higher learning in homeopathic medicine;
  • To provide the knowledge and skills essential to the principles and successful practice of homeopathy, through leadership in creating humanistic and technological learning environments, to homeopathic students worldwide;
  • To inculcate homeopathic students with the fundamental attitudes of compassionate, humanistic patient care;
  • To promote success and excellence in homeopathic practice that reflects a spirit and desire for lifelong, interdependent learning, scholarship and financial sustainability .
  • To advance homeopathic medicine through global leadership in recognized homeopathic research;
  • To contribute to the well-being of all people through the delivery of environmentally sustainable medicine and excellence in homeopathic patient care.
  • To foster an inclusive, collaborative community for humanistic, sustainable healthcare.

Core Values

Respect for the Individual: We recognize and respect the uniqueness and individuality of each member of our community. We honor diversity which enriches our lives, encourages independent, critical thinking and strengthens our communities.
Commitment to Leadership: AMCH at PIHMA is committed to being an international leader in homeopathic education, research and clinical care. We seek to be leaders in innovation and forward thinking, while honoring the traditions of our past. Good leadership liberates the mind from prejudice and opens the door for a lifelong journey of learning, growth and healing. We grow the homeopathic body of knowledge that benefits students, practitioners and the entire society.
Building Community: We are building a sustainable legacy for the future of homeopathy. We prepare students to be life-long contributing members of their own communities and to develop a vision. Students learn to relate to the natural world and develop a connection with all life. We are providing a culture where people feel supported, encouraged and challenged on their journey.
Open Mindedness and Self-Awareness: We are a catalyst for transformation that promotes growth in people’s lives. We encourage students to develop self-awareness, to remove obstacles to their learning and to care for themselves. We guide this self-observation in a non-judgmental manner. This gentle approach and freedom from bias leads students to become true healers.
Dedication to Success: We are dedicated to the success of our students, patients, programs and community. At the heart of this is dedication to the success of our alumni in practice. Our medical center leads to successful outcomes for our patients. Our research demonstrates the efficacy of homeopathy to the community and advances the science of homeopathic medicine.

Our Principles

The Curative Power of Life: The physicians highest calling is to cure.; Homeopaths have found the key to achieve this-by unlocking the healing power of substances from the natural world. All of life has the capacity to heal.
The Law of Similars: Matching the Medicine to the Patient: Each patient brings a unique and integrated symptom picture that completely represents their disease state. Each medicine has a unique and integrated symptom picture. When the medicines picture is as similar as possible to that of the patient, the medicine acts curatively. This is the Law of Similars which is nature’s law of cure.
Energy Medicine: All of life is energy. The deepest level of expression of any organism is its vital force. The purpose of homeopathy is to resort the patient’s balance and harmony. In disease, what needs to be cured is the mistunement of the vital force. Homeopathic medicines directly effect the vital force. They stimulate the self-healing power of the individual.
Removing Obstacles to Cure: Healing can be impeded by obstacles such as drugs, diet, stress, and other emotional or physical factors in the environment of the patient. For this reason, our role as homeopaths includes the task of helping patients identify and remove these obstacles. It is also important that while doing so practitioners act in a non-judgmental and compassionate way. The quantity of action necessary to effect any change in nature is the least possible. The body heals itself with maximum economy. Homeopaths use the minimum dose necessary to effect cure.
Treating the Whole Person: Each person is a unique, complete and integrated whole. Effective treatment considers all levels of the persons being (physicals, emotional, mental and spiritual). In doing so, it honors what is unique and characteristic about each person.
Non-Suppressive: Homeopathy does not seek to suppress or palliate symptoms but to treat the underlying cause of disease. It does this in the most safe yet effective way.