New Students

Welcome to AMCH at PIHMA. We are excited to have you become part of our homeopathic community and look forward to working with you as you move forward in your homeopathic career. AMCH at PIHMA has an orientation packet that can help guide students through their initial experiences at AMCH at PIHMA. All AMCH at PIHMA students go through an initial orientation specifically related to the program in which they have enrolled. In addition, the Catalog, Student Handbook, and Clinical Training Handbook provide further information about AMCH at PIHMA and Programs. Please don’t hesitate to contact our Admissions Staff if you have any questions or concerns about your enrollment, or call 602-274-1885. We look forward to working with you.


There is a strong and vital college community at AMCH at PIHMA. The student community is diverse in terms of backgrounds, ethnicity, culture and age. Information is available concerning the demographics of the student population from the Registrars Office. Community participation is emphasized throughout the curriculum including a community project as part of the curriculum. Postgraduate programs and mentorship programs also promote the development of the homeopathic community. Arizona is well known to have one of the strongest homeopathic communities in the nation.

New Student Orientation

A student orientation is conducted for all new students. Attendance is mandatory. For the Practitioner Program and Vithoulkas Program, this is conducted on the first day of the first class weekend. The orientation is intended to introduce students to the school community. Staff and faculty review expectations, learning opportunities and policies.