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  • Homeopathic Treatment of Oppositional Defiant Disorder

    Normal parenting is not easy, but raising a child who feeds on expressing rage can be even more challenging.

    August 8 |
  • Homeopathic Treatment of Stuttering

    Are you or someone in your family struggling with starting a new word or in the midst of incessant talking?

    August 8 |
  • Antisocial Personality Disorder and Homeopathy

    Do you perceive a lack of connection between your thoughts and actions?

    August 8 |
  • AMCH President Todd Rowe Appears on National Radio Show

    On August 20, Todd Rowe was a guest on the Health Inn Show. 

    August 8 |
  • Homeopathic Treatment of Constipation

    For high-quality health, good digestion and regular bowel habits are very essential.

    August 8 |
  • AMCH Receives Confirmation of NGO Status

    Breaking News: AMCH Receives Confirmation of NGO Status United Nations....

    August 8 |
  • AMCH Synergy Conference 2015

    Speaker: Dr. Rajan Sankaran
    Friday January 30th through Sunday February 1st, 2015


    September 9 |
  • Homeopathic Treatment of Insomnia

    "I can't sleep!" These three words can explain nights of restless anguish for those who suffer from insomnia.

    August 8 |