Anna Vakil, PhD, CCH

Anna Vakil, PhD, CCH

Yuma, Arizona

Anna graduated from AMCH’s homeopathic practitioner program in 2015 and owns Yuma Homeopathy, the first homeopathic health and wellness practice in Yuma, Arizona, where she helps empower both local and off-site clients to take control of their own health. She has an interdisciplinary PhD in planning and public policy from the University of Michigan and currently teaches an online graduate research methodology course for Northern Arizona University. Anna also continues to pursue her ongoing interest in collective empowerment through health policy and research consulting work.

Website: Yuma Homeopathy

Practice location: Yuma, AZ

Phone: 928-247-6385

E mail: anna@yumahomeopathy.com


AMCofH at PIHMA CPED, in conjunction with the Foundation for PIHMA Research & Education, is seeking talented researchers that wish to participate in quality homeopathic research.


Experience first-hand the benefits of homeopathy through our clinic. Professional and intern appointments available in person or via-telemedicine.


Participate in an active learning environment and supportive community.


Learn both classical and modern homeopathy (a developing field). Train to be an integrated medicine practitioner.


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