Mary Grace Warner, MD, MD(H), CCH

Mary Grace Warner, MD, MD(H), CCH

Phoenix, Arizona

Dr. Mary Grace Warner received her medical degree from the University of Michigan and completed post-graduate training in Internal Medicine and Cardiology.   She served a cardiology fellowship at the University of Michigan Medical Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan and a research fellowship at the Cox Heart Institute, Dayton, Ohio.

Formerly Medical Director of the School of Cardiovascular Ultrasound at the Arizona Heart Institute, where she was a staff cardiologist for 16 years, Dr. Warner was a leader in vascular and cardiac ultrasound and one of the first physicians to use transesophageal echocardiography in Arizona.

A life-long dream was realized for the following 10 years as Founder of Integrative Cardiology PLLC in Scottsdale Arizona.  As a new sub-specialty in cardiology, the focus was on blending the best of allopathic or conventional cardiology with holistic heart care.

Discouraged with the increasing control over her practice by insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies and the erosion of the art of medical practice by government guidelines, Dr. Warner began to search in 2000 for another paradigm of healing.

In 2001, Dr. Warner began her own healing journey at the American Medical College of Homeopathy and in 2008 received her MD(H).  She states:  “I have always viewed the patient as a whole person experiencing an illness, rather than focusing only on the disease; but the time allowed and the medicines available in even an integrative practice of cardiology were very limiting.  In Homeopathy the whole person and his whole life are the basis of treatment.”

Dr. Warner practices classical homeopathy and consults in cardiovascular diseases as needed  at Integrative Homeopathy PLLC. Dr. Warner also serves on the Arizona Board of Homeopathic and Integrative Medicine.

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