Clinical Homeopathy Training Program

Clinical Homeopathy Training Program


Product Description

AMCofH at PIHMA is very excited to partner with Academy EPIC in offering this new course in Clinical Homeopathy.

Excel at the Vital Skills you need to bolster your confidence, build results-driven protocols and increase clinic income.


  • 100 key Homeopathic Medicines, their symptoms, and their clinical use.
  • Mastering anti-doting, potency variations, remedy preparation, reactions to remedies & remedy relationships for effective & efficient results.
  • Comprehensive Acute Care remedies including those for First Aid needs.
  • The Fundamentals of homeopathy. Establishing the framework in the history, proving, pharmacology and Materia Medica understanding.
  • Therapeutic Care for the most common clinical pathologies.
  • The fundamental skills necessary to implement and maintain a Clinical Homeopathic practice using effective business and marketing practices built on ethical and professional accountability.
  • How to integrate allopathy medicine, complex formulations including burgi groups, homochords, and adjunctive therapies such as cell salts and flower essences.

And so much MORE

Who is this for?… YOU!

  • Anyone New to Homeopathy wanting to know more about how to implement classical and complex homeopathy for daily use.
  • Anyone who is somewhere in between…know it…somewhat get it …have questions now that I have started using homeopathic remedies.
  • Anyone who is going to use or is using homeopathy in their practices regardless of product line.
  • Anyone who wants deeper training beyond what your current product companies offer.

Are you ready to be among the ranks of great healers in your community?


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