The mission of the AMCH Department of Research is to create a homeopathic research center of the highest quality that encompasses Basic Science, Clinical Science, Practice Based and Community Based homeopathic research. Click here for an overview of homeopathic research currently in the United States.

Our Research Director, Dr. Iris Bell, has completed several outcomes studies of homeopathy, e.g. on fibromyalgia. Dr. Bell also highlights the key differences between the “properties” of homeopathic medicine and conventional medicine. She says, “The evidence coming from multiple laboratories, multiple technologies and multiple investigators overwhelmingly shows that homeopathy demonstrates biological activity.  Further, plausibility is addressed by ground breaking research in material science.”

  • Welcome to the American Medical College of Homeopathy Human Subjects Protection Program (HSPP) Web Page.

  • Homeopathic research

    Emerging data and new theoretical work are creating a quiet revolution in homeopathy of which clinicians in practice may not as yet know

  • The AMCH Department of Research promotes and helps to conducts cliical trials demonstrating the efficacy and power of homeopathic medicine. 

  • Homeopathic research

    The American Medical College of Homeopathy Department of Research has conducted eighteen Homeoapthic Proving Trials over the last eighteen years.  Provings are a method to determine the healing power of natural substances.

  • There has been an explosion of interest recently in homeopathic basic science research.  Exciting new discoveries in nanoparticles and water memory are beginning to lucidate  how homeopathy works. 

  • AMCH partners with other organizations and schools to promote quality homeopathic research that benefits the homeopathic community.

  • Homeopathic Research

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