HOMEOPATHY for STRESS Stress is a natural feeling when there is an inability to cope with specific events and demands. If proper steps are not taken to manage the symptoms of stress it can become a chronic condition. These demands can come from work, family, relationships, anything that poses a real or perceived challenge or […]


HOMEOPATHY for DEPRESSION This is a 1-hour course covering life situations that attribute to symptoms of Depression.Depression is a condition that varies in intensity and duration. Symptoms of depression change, at times these functions will decrease, other times they increase. The occurrence of depression is increasing.Homeopathy is an approach to alleviate symptoms associated with depression […]

How can you protect your family with Homeopathy training?

Join us for our Virtual Open House on Tuesday, June 16th. Learn something new, prepare for the future, help others and your family.

Today is World Homeopathy Day

In honor of World Homeopathy Day, we are excited to celebrate Dr. Todd Rowe, MD, MD(H), a leader in Modern and Classical Homeopathy, Share our Homeopathic Flu Combo and other remedies, and offer ON Sale now: Online Homeopathic Self-Help courses for Flu-Cough-Cold, as well as other health conditions.

Learn Homeopathy at your own pace!

Our 40 hour Introduction to Homeopathy Course is available online! Study homeopathy at your own pace and learn how to use common homeopathic remedies in acute care situations. For more information view the course page here; Introduction to Homeopathy

Get paid while you advance Homeopathic research

AMCH at PIHMA is seeking Volunteers to partake in a research proving underway. The Foundation for PIHMA Research & Education is conducting on going research and provings. Volunteers are paid $125.00 for their time commitment. No previous history of homeopathy or integrative medicine use necessary. If you have an interest in taking part in this […]

New Homeopathic Self-Help Programs from PIHMA

AMCH is proud to present our new Homeopathic Self-Help Programs for common ailments.  For more information visit our Homeopathic Self-Help Page.