AMCofH is partnered with numerous affiliates to grow Homeopathy. Some of our partnerships have benefits for our students! Here are all of the benefits that our Affiliates have given AMCofH students.


We are excited to announce our new collaborative partnership with KnoWEwell, P.B.C. and the new member benefits we are passing along to you!

KnoWEwell is an award-winning, B Certified Pending, market leading Regenerative Whole Health™ benefits and services corporation and 1% for the Planet member.

AMCofH students and alumni will now include new KnoWEwell strategic benefits:

Individual Regenerative Whole Health and Well-Being Benefits

($60 value) for Non-professionals/Students

Provider Basic Membership

($300 value) for Practitioners and Non-Clinical Health Professionals

Individual Regenerative Whole Health and Well-Being Benefits

Compare Benefit Plans to Be Well

Obtain your diverse and inclusive KnoWEwell Regenerative Whole Health and Well-Being Benefits to be empowered with knowledge and inspired by hearing success stories! You will have access to screened, verified, and background-checked RWH practitioners, expert-led and peer-reviewed multi-media content, and evidence-based resources, while making meaningful connections with like-minded members, and so much more.

When you sign up and apply code AMCH, KnoWEwell will automatically upgrade your Explorer membership to a FREE Individual Basic Benefits Membership. After which you can choose to apply the value towards an upgrade to a KnoWEwell Individual Silver or Gold plan.

Practitioners and Non-Clinical Health Professionals

 Compare Plans to Make Well

Credentialed practitioners become a member to share your unique healing knowledge and expertise with the world. KnoWEwell is helping members create meaningful, better-matched connections to improve health outcomes and practitioner job satisfaction.  KnoWEwell is committed to helping today’s practitioners and mission-aligned nonprofits and businesses prosper.

Join apply AMCHP at checkout and receive a Free KnoWEwell Provider Basic plan or apply the same code to receive the value towards the purchase of a Silver or Gold Provider Plan.

Practitioners, additional features and benefits include:

  • Applying to be recognized as a select peer reviewer for Group Topics:  APPLY
  • Submitting your content (article, video, whitepaper, etc.) for KnoWEwell publishing consideration and recognition of your expertise in select Group Topics:  PUBLISH
  • Submitting your webinar topic and date to co-host a webcast with KnoWEwell TV talk show host: WEBINAR
  • Developing and/or offering your own free or paid learning course(s) for individual and/or provider members.  You can obtain information about KnoWEwell’s learning course services, including a free consultation for a learning course assessment, creation services, and assistance with CME course accreditation by contacting KnoWEwell at 1.855.KWE.WELL (1.855.593.9355).
  • The KnoWEwell HELP DESK is available 24 / 7 for self-service questions or to raise a ticket for further help. 
Practitioners Want Extra Help with Your Forms?

If you need assistance with filling out your provider forms, you can book time with a KnoWEwell team member to guide you through the process!