Special Speaker Webinars

Build Your Own Medicinary: Kits and Single Medicines with Boiron

What is Your Niche? Taught by Angie Antes

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Modern Medicine v. Practical Homeopathy with Boiron

Repertory and Materia Medica Differentiation with Deborah Monlux

How to Advocate for Homeopathy with Paola Brown

When to Use Specialty Formulas with Boiron

KnoWEwell Webinars

Once a month, AMCofH participates in a webinar hosted by our affiliate, KnoWEwell to discuss Homeopathy! See all of our webinars here.

Healing Through Homeopathy: Treating Influneza

Healing Through Homeopathy: Winter Depression

Healing Through Homeopathy: Homeopathic Support for Pregnancy and Children