Transforming lives through providing a classical homeopathic education for the successful practice of homeopathic medicine.


To be a leader in educating homeopathic students in the science and philosophy of both classical and modern methods.


  • To sustain and grow a viable and internationally known program of higher learning in homeopathic medicine;
  • To provide the knowledge and skills essential to the principles and successful practice of homeopathy, through leadership in creating humanistic and technological learning environments, to homeopathic students worldwide;
  • To inculcate homeopathic students with the fundamental attitudes of compassionate, humanistic patient care;
  • To promote success and excellence in homeopathic practice that reflects a spirit and desire for lifelong, interdependent learning, scholarship and financial sustainability;
  • To advance homeopathic medicine through global leadership in recognized homeopathic research;
  • To contribute to the well-being of all people through the delivery of environmentally sustainable medicine and excellence in homeopathic patient care.
  • To foster an inclusive, collaborative community for humanistic, sustainable healthcare.