Homeopathic Practitioner Program

  • 3-year, full-time program
  • Fully prepares students for national certification
  • Includes classroom training and clinical training courses
  • Over 500 hours of clinical experience with over 100 patient contacts

Total Tuition: $16,325

Clinical 150-Hour Certificate Program

  • Self-paced, clinical homeopathy program
  • Can transfer into the full-time, 3-year, Homeopathic Practitioner Program
  • Includes mentorship and clinical training
  • Learn 100 key remedies, comprehensive acute care remedies, therapeutic care, and more!

Total Tuition: $2,000

40-Hour Acute Care Certificate Course

  • Learn the top-40 acute homeopathic remedies
  • It is Part I of the Clinical 150-Hour Certificate Program
  • Can be taken on its own or transfer into the Clinical 150-Hour Certificate Program

Total Tuition: $450

Financial Aid Options

Our Financial Assistance Office is committed to helping students of all financial backgrounds with introductions to sources for loans specially priced for our students.

Through personal loans, payment plans, and work-study, there are several options to help make your education affordable. Call us at 602-274-1885 to learn more about our financial policies, financial options, and how to apply for them.


Students can apply for a variety of scholarships while studying. Contact an Admissions Representative for more information:  cped@pihma.edu or +1-602-274-1885.