Homeopathic Practitioner Program

  • 3-year, full-time program
  • Fully prepares students for national certification
  • Includes classroom training and clinical training courses
  • Over 500 hours of clinical experience with over 100 patient contacts

Total Tuition: $16,325

Clinical 150-Hour Certificate Program

  • Self-paced, clinical homeopathy program
  • Can transfer into the full-time, 3-year, Homeopathic Practitioner Program
  • Includes mentorship and clinical training
  • Learn 100 key remedies, comprehensive acute care remedies, therapeutic care, and more!

Total Tuition: $2,000

40-Hour Acute Care Certificate Course

  • Learn the top-40 acute homeopathic remedies
  • It is Part I of the Clinical 150-Hour Certificate Program
  • Can be taken on its own or transfer into the Clinical 150-Hour Certificate Program

Total Tuition: $450


Students can apply for a variety of scholarships while studying. Contact an Admissions Representative for more information:  amcofh@pihma.edu or +1-602-274-1885.