Top Reasons to Choose AMCofH

  1. We are affordable and accessible. You can study homeopathy from anywhere!
  2. AMCofH has a diverse faculty including Dr. Todd Rowe, the Father of Modern Homeopathy.
  3. We offer a classical and modern comprehensive curriculum.
  4. AMCofH offers clinical training with over 100 patient contacts.
  5. Our students receive mentorship from a certified homeopath.
  6. On top of our clinical and classroom training courses, we also offer business courses to help prepare our students to run their own practice.
  7. We are a full-time program, but we offer flexible scheduling options so our students can have a work, school, life balance that works for them.
  8. AMCofH is partnered with the National Library of Traditional Medicine and the Phoenix Medicinary which gives our students access to over 300 rare homeopathic antique books, and over 8,000 remedies and potency varieties.
  9. AMCofH has graduated over 1,000 homeopaths in the past 20 years.
  10. Located in sunny Phoenix, Arizona, AMCofH was the first full-time homeopathic medical school in the United States since the 1930s.